App Indexing Can Give You an Edge over Competitors

Having a mobile app is already an advantage for any online business and app indexing is a way to ensure that your position remains unchallenged. Google has introduced API (App Indexing) as a ranking signal already; as such having an app is as good as nothing if it is not indexed. SEO services in Denver explains it as a way to let Google crawl through your app and index the whole vertical architecture of your app in order to retrieve the app data too; while showing search results. Isn’t it a true advantage? You get to magnify your SEO efforts though more content; from web as well as App.

When users get the search results for a specific query, they get an option to download the app too (because content is on app), thus Google is doing free publicity of your app. Let us know the reasons why App Indexing is a great idea.

Not many Businesses are doing it: App indexing is not a new concept, but still not many businesses are using it. According to a survey, only 30% apps have sported indexing. If you do this, more of your content gets indexed and better are the chances to rank in the search results.
Google provide ‘install app’ option: When you index your app, while displaying the search results, Google also ask you to download the app so that you can read the provided content on the app in detail. Thus, your app gets exposure and you get more customers.
API is a ranking factor: Google has included API in the ranking algorithm to promote the app development. Apps are the present of mobile web and they are here to stay. Having an app means you get chance to rank better than a competitor who does not have an app.
Autocomplete feature: Indexing app helps in autocompletion of queries related to your content. Let us suppose a person is typing something on Google mobile and it matches to your app content, so Google autocompletes it and suggest your app. This way the potential customers can reach to you easily.
A/B testing but a little better: For a same query, you can put two different contents on web and app. Thus, you need not to fear the content duplicacy and cloak it from Google. This is more like A/B testing where two versions of same content is tested against each other and more liked one is made permanent. Since, you can analyse which content attracted more audiences, deciding content strategy becomes easy.
For app indexing, you need to associate your app with your web. Google recognizes the association and start to crawl the app, indexing each page. The crawling and indexing is done in the same way as for websites. The quality of app is judged on the basis of quality of content, its update frequency, freshness and relevancy. The Houston SEO services also favours the app indexing because it requires less efforts and benefits are just golden.

Source: App Indexing Can Give You an Edge over Competitors